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is for the times you are scared to go directly after what you want. 


About magick p.2

By accident I opened my copy of E. Nietzsche’s Will to Power. By coincidence the first fragment I saw was this: “What is evil? Three things: chance, uncertainty, suddenness”.  (My copy not being in English nor German I’m finding it hard to pinpoint this frase for reference).

Evil is three things: chance, uncertainty, suddenness. Both housewife, reading “her” weekly horoscope on the back of a gossip magazie and politician following the dictates of his economic haruspiscators are engaging in basicly the same activity: reduction of randomness via magic.





About magick p.1

The first observation I want to make about magick is how muddled the thinking of most people who engage in it is. Recently I was to translate this fragment from Ted Andrew’s “Animal-Speak”. I had much grief working on this pseudo-thinking.

Now, not all books about magick are this lacking. (I’ll discuss the great ones at a later date). But most are. Visit any thematic bookstore and you will find out for yourself.

I sometimes feel guilty because of my indulgence in this hobby. Where is my intellect?


In order to give some focus to this blog (and to my thinking)  I’ve decided to explore the concept of magic in a series of posts. Now, I’m not a practitioner, although I did and do dabble. Hopefully, as I clarify my thinking about the topic, I will either be able to lie aside my superstitious behaviors or, conversely, empower my practice.



Let me tell you…

Let me tell you, honey: a rich man’s jokes are always funny.


Realize that when you are most likely to feel bad for others is when you are feeling bad for yourself.

Girls don’t like boys

girls like cars and money


No ethical behavior goes unpunished, and virtue is NOT it’s own reward.

My way or the high-way

Recently I have commented on life being too short for compromises. A crucial part of that is enforcing your standards in all relationships. How to do that?

Basicly, there are two ways. First one is setting them straight from the beggining. You tell her, once you’ve slept with her, and it’s established it will be a longer thing, what you exactly excpect of her. This is a high risk-method, and actually never worked for me – it engages too much of critical mind and surface values imposed by society for any, but exceptional, woman to agree. (The exception being girls who are already looking for a Master/sub maledom relationship and announcing it somewhere).

Another, better way is to do it covertly. You establish your dominance implicite first, only later making it excplicite. I converted a few girls this way.

i’ll explain in a later post. But the crucial part is the assumption of the “my way or the highway” principle.

Your life is too short for compromises

Obvious, isn’t it? Keep it in mind.

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