My way or the high-way

Recently I have commented on life being too short for compromises. A crucial part of that is enforcing your standards in all relationships. How to do that?

Basicly, there are two ways. First one is setting them straight from the beggining. You tell her, once you’ve slept with her, and it’s established it will be a longer thing, what you exactly excpect of her. This is a high risk-method, and actually never worked for me – it engages too much of critical mind and surface values imposed by society for any, but exceptional, woman to agree. (The exception being girls who are already looking for a Master/sub maledom relationship and announcing it somewhere).

Another, better way is to do it covertly. You establish your dominance implicite first, only later making it excplicite. I converted a few girls this way.

i’ll explain in a later post. But the crucial part is the assumption of the “my way or the highway” principle.


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