How to become more selfish


You are the only person that matters in your life. Others, no matter how attached you are to them, are important only in measure in which they fulfill your needs.
Hopefully, as a satanist, you have an instinctual appreciation of this truth. But how to translate it into the reality of your behavior?

Here are 7 ways to become more selfish:

1. Say NO to people’s requests

During the normal course of the week you will be asked by many people for favours, money, time and attention. Your natural response to all those requests should be a resounding NO! You want to save those valuable resources for the only person that truly matters: you.

There will be a twofold result: first, you will focus much more on whats improtant to your happiness, and second, people will actually value much more those rare times when you decide it’s in your interest to fulfill their request.

2. Ask people for favours

Conversely, you should ask people around you for many small and big favours. Some of them are bound to be fulfilled. And thanks to what is known as Franklin effect (he was the first to put it in writing), they will think they like you more. Reinforce the behaviour by expressing gratitude verbally only. Don’t think you owe them anything. To be most effective, the praise should not be constant, use it sparingly.

3. Pay yourself first

Spend the money that comes to you on yourself, not others. This includes two aspects. First: don’t neccesarily overspend just to impress those who actually mean little – but on what gives you joy.
The second aspect is saving money. This will help you navigate difficult times. It will also boost your confidence and sense of freedom.

4. Take excellent care of your home

Do you know one of those people who only cleans his house or flat when guests are about to arrive? The most important person who could visit, you, is already at your place. If you can afford house help great. Another option is training your girl to do it for free.
If you have to do it yourself, treat it as a banishing ritual: removing distractions.

5. Take excellent care of your body
All the joys of life you experience through it. Don’t let it decay too fast.

6. Speak only well about yourself

At my last job I took to always speaking well about myself. Somebody asked how am I and i would answer: ‘Excellent, as usual’. I would often remark ‘I’m a great guy, like this’ or ‘I am the best’.
And guess what? In a months time, I was promoted to manager. Leave modesty to Christians. Be shameless.

7. Plan with your pleasure and interest in mind

When you prepare a to-do-list, ask yourself ‘What can I do for myself today’, instead of ‘What do I have to do today’





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